Brandy describes the Mayes woman as a philosophy. Mayes is a family name for both Brandy and her husband, Peter. May is the middle name of Brandy’s maternal and paternal grandmothers. It’s also her husband’s mother and grandmother’s middle name.

Brandy recollects how each of these women appreciated how you put yourself together. “You see the world, the world sees you,” Brandy states; and her clothing ensures women leave a positive, lasting impression. Brandy reflects on the women in her family, “They use fashion to present themselves as who they are—strong, sociable, fashionable. I want to have every woman feel that way.”

Mayes NYC represents all women in all shapes, all sizes, and of all creeds, pushing the message that every woman is important, valued, and worth to express herself in her own way. Mayes is on a mission to create clothing for plus-size women that reflects this belief.