"Mayes NYC, you did it again, I'm obsessed with this Lina dress. It's so luxurious and ethically made in NYC It's a must have" - Christy Primmer


"I just bought the Alex reversible jumpsuit, and I love it, and have to say: if you made pants with that tapered super-flattering draped fit and soft stretch, I would buy a pair for every day in any color. 😃" - Alia Calhoun


"The Winnie RNR Dress is perfect for for a fun girls night out, its an investment piece that is so versatile. And, OMG it has pockets!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Ashlea Smalley


"Absolutely love this off-the-shoulder beautiful Crane print dress. It's a true maxi dress length that grazes the floor, the flow makes you feel like a goddess! Every time I put the dress on I can't help but do a couple of twirls. It has an elastic waist and elastic at the shoulders. I personally love to stylize this up with my own obi belt. If you are looking for your dream dress, you found it!" - Ashley Max-Dixon


"I was the winner of the Crane dress giveaway and let me just tell you how the images do no justice. This dress is EVERYTHING! From the box in came in, to the flowy light weight fabric, to the colors, and did I mention it has POCKETS!?!?!
It's definitely a head turner; compliments left & right when I wore this dress." - Michelle Lee


"OMG, this dress is so beautiful. Even though the pics are great it is so much better than the pictures suggest. I can't wait to see what's next for this new brand." - Marla Esposito


"It's so comfortable and the fabrication is really stellar. My favorite part was feeling like the cut and design didn't require any shapewear and still looked super flattering. I will say that I wish the pants were just a little longer. But overall, I think it's a great and really comfortable piece." - Allison McGevna


"I was so curious to see how it would look reversed with the V in the back, and it is so pretty, and comfortable both ways. How the back and front both are cut so perfectly whether it's the V or the Higher cut, I am so impressed. The fact that the pockets are also reversible blew my whole mind. It's such a nice combination of drapier cuts and then the more tailored parts at the end of the sleeves and legs are so comfy but also make it look polished and professional and not like I'm wearing my pajamas. I'm very tall and very busty, so I'm always impressed when a jumpsuit doesn't feel too short and looks flattering on. In terms of styling it I want to put on the birdies shoes that I got because I saw Megan Markle wearing them and like my nice J Crew sunglasses and grab like my jean jacket or leather bomber and head out to do some weekend errand or brunch.
I feel like this would also be easy to dress up. I have a pair of nude heels I love and I think that with a necklace, and maybe a belt over it could be formal for cocktail party, or dressy event. I think it would also be great to wear it like that with a blazer over for a job interview or important work or client meeting!" - Jessica Kelly


"The clothing is absolutely beautiful. From the moment I felt it I could tell the quality. It was even better to know it is sustainable. I love that the sizing is not on the main tag in the dress but discretely placed by the instructions on how to care for the item. It makes me feel it's more about the clothes, less about my size. I liked the placement of the tag on the reversible piece. Great idea! I loved how heavy the tag is MAYES. It felt luxe." - Danielle James


"I just put the jumper on and it's DIVINE! FIts perfect WITHOUT a shaper on! The fabric is AMAZING!" - Maddy Jones


"I love this dress, Top quality and very well crafted. I’m wearing it to Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you so much." - Nancy Alacheff


"Love the fall floral prints make my fall looks vivid and cheerful!
Definitely the must have dress." - Scarlett Hao


"I believe that plus size women are worthy of luxury pieces that are truly an investment in their closet and self. Mayes NYC focuses on fit, functionality and quality. Every detail and design element is intentional and intuitive. The colours, the print, the scale, it is a print lover’s like myself dream. And when I pulled it out of the package it was even better because it was soft as silk. But surprise it’s ethically sourced viscose that looks and feels like silk. And the fit? I am wearing the size 28 and I give them an A+ on fit. The buttons don’t gape on my chest, the sleeves are roomy and the skirt flows perfectly. The elastic inset details at the waist and sleeve are both beautiful and functional." - Lisa Schoenberger


"The pattern is beautiful. It's looks so designer-y and vintage inspired and on trend in a way so few of what my options typically are. I love how fashion forward AND well made it is. I feel like sometimes if I want to buy something really well made, I wind up with options that feel matronly, and if I want something on trend, I wind up paying a lot for something that isn't well made, or made to last. It feels professional and adult without seeming overly trendy. The pockets. The pattern. The silk lining in the bodice. The thickness of the sash. I'm busty, so the fact that these buttons don't gap while the rest of the dress still fits in a flattering way is so cool. I would wear this dress every day if I could, it's the nicest piece of clothing. I think it also can go from professional to cocktail party. I think if I was attending a small intimate wedding ceremony, I would feel really comfortable wearing this with heels and nice earrings, or if I was giving a big presentation at work, I would pop on my boots. It feels like I have my own version of like a DVF wrap dress that is timeless, and I can wear to anything. Also: this dress was just really flattering. The elastic cinching the waist with that thick belt and then the way it drapes, and flows is like perfectly cut. I love the elastic bands at the end of the sleeves so I can get them exactly how I want them and then keep it there. I'm so grateful someone in the plus size space is making clothes this beautiful and this great" - Jessica Kelly