TheCurvyFashionist - 10 Luxury Brands Creating A More Inclusive Fashion Space

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I appreciate a brand that is committed to sustainability, and Mayes NYC not only checks that box but also checks the inclusivity box as their size range is 14-28. Add in that their pieces are luxe and stylish, and I am excited to see this brand grow.

As many customers know, finding sustainable luxury brands that are able to size over a size 20 is major. With timeless silhouettes and imaginative prints, each piece is beautifully designed for a curvy body.

Founder, Brandy Wykes, is armed with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry as a textile and fashion designer and proudly states, “I dress women for who they are right now. Plus size is not a transitional concept.” Amen!

I am absolutely loving the Crane Maxi Dress.

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